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January 27th 2017

2017 Rule Book Published
The 2017 IWWF Barefoot Waterski Technical Rules have been published and have gone through some valued review by our community. Many thanks to those that caught some errors that were quickly fixed. The Rule Book can be found as always on the IWWF World Barefoot Council web site at:

Once again these rules are the result of many hours of collaboration and review by the WBC Rules Committee. Thank you to Oscar Mann (Chair), Andy Harris, Claire Mowday, Ben Groen (Athlete Rep), Betsy Gilman & Mike Molepske. Job WELL DONE!

The most notable change is the addition of definition of Neutral BSP, and the tricks that must start from this position. There are also some changes to the World Championships rules that were skier driven. As always the changes are reflected in RED type.

Special thanks to Oscar Mann for his leadership for the committee and his continued dedication to always keep improving the rules, not just from a skiers perspective but for readability and enhanced officiating standards. Oscar has fostered involvement from all stakeholders, especially our athletes, to deliver a living document that is always being enhanced.

And finally, but most certainly not lastly, a very gracious and heartfelt thank you to Mike Holt and Mike Holt Enterprises for the unwavering support they give to our community by professionally typesetting our rules to the highest standard document we have ever had.

Geoff Blaauw
Chairman - IWWF World Barefoot Council

Last Updated: January 27th 2017

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