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February 18th 2018

2018 Rule Book Published
Apologies. We neglected to send this newsletter out at the beginning of January.

We are pleased to advise that the 2018 IWWF Barefoot Waterski Technical Rules have now been published. We would like to express our thanks to those involved in the finalization of these Technical Rules. A special thank you to the rules committee and especially to Chairman Oscar Mann for all of his efforts.

The Rule book can be viewed by following the below link to the IWWF World Barefoot Council Website:

As always, any changes are reflected in RED type.

And finally, but most certainly not least, a very gracious and heartfelt thank you to Mike Holt and Mike Holt Enterprises for the unwavering support they give to our community by professionally typesetting our rules to the highest standard document.

Geoff Blaauw
Chairman - IWWF World Barefoot Council

Last Updated: February 18th 2018

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