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December 4th 2021

2022 IWWF World Masters Barefoot Championships - Announcement!
2022 IWWF World Masters Barefoot
San Marcos, Texas, September 25 – October 2, 2022

Dear Friends:

I have exciting news! We are rescheduling the IWWF World Masters Barefoot Championships to take place in San Marcos, Texas the week of September 26 - October 1, 2022. The tournament will be hosted by the Austin, Texas Barefoot Club.

We have found a private lake 2450 feet long and has held several three-event tournaments. The founder of the Austin Barefoot Club recently purchased the lake and surrounding property and has agreed to let us use it. And yes, we have barefooted on it! It’s incredible.

We have tremendous support from the San Marcos Convention and Business Bureau. They are very excited to have us and have been helping us sort through the hotel and entertainment options. We should have the details firmed up by the end of the year.

For an expanded version of this announcement with images go to:

2022 IWWF World Masters Barefoot Championships.
Here is reminder about format of the Masters:
Divisions are in 10-year age increments: 35+ 45+ 55+ 65+.

There are no qualifying scores.
• Skiers will ski each event twice.
• The majority of officials will be selected from the senior skiers.
• It will be a world championship, put on by seniors for seniors.

ALL the Rules for the IWWF 2022 World Masters Barefoot Championships can be found on the World Barefoot Council Website:

When we're not on the water, it will be very social, fun with plenty of time to catch up with old and new friends. I hope you can volunteer to help make this happen!

Here is a list of where we need volunteer assistance along with the names of persons who have already volunteered to help. We will need multiple volunteers for each committee, so pick one and be a part of this great event.

• Accreditation:
• Announcers: Richard Gray
• Artwork and logo: Jimmy Taurus
• Awards and Medals: Arlene Stoppe; Mark Shank; Jimmy Tauras
• Boats: Jim Forster, Ron Meeks, Mike Schoenke
• Bulletins and Correspondence: Arlene Stoppe; Tina McCauley; Lauren Ehlers
• Budget and finances:, Claudia Landon, Mark Shank
• Ceremonies: Richard Gray, John Cornish
• Dignitaries and VIPS: Geoff Blaauw, Jose Antonio Perez Priego
• Facilities and Site Management: Dave Landon, Casey Myers, Blake Ehlers, Jimmy Tauras, Doug Jordan, Brian Heeney; Ben Groen
• Fundraising: Mark Shank, Mikey Caruso; Sam Dubs
• General: John Cornish, Steve Keating; Teri Jones; Don Stoppe
• Hotels and lodging: Richard Gray, Mark Shank, Jimmy Tauras
• Insurance: Mark Shank
• Media and Publicity: Dee Dean, Betsy Gilman
• Officials: Mike Molepske
• Pickup Boats and Dock Starters: Casey Myers; Dave Landon, Al Hager,
• Registration: Dee Ehlers, Teri Jones
• Safety: Char Portman
• Social and events: John Cornish, Mark Shank; Jimmy Taurus; Richard Gray
• Social Media: Betsy Gilman
• Sponsors and Fundraising: John Garrity, Sam Dubs, Mikey Caruso
• T-shirts and merchandise: Jimmy Taurus, Judy Myers, Claudia Landon
• Transportation and Ambassadors: Willie Farrell and Lee Stone
• Video:
• Website: Andrew Martin and Betsy Gilman

Here’s is what I would like to know from you:

1. Would you like to volunteer for the tournament? And, if your name is on your list, do we have you listed under how you would like to contribute?
2. If you are not on this list, what interests you? Remember each area will need several volunteers, so volunteer for whatever interests you.
3. Could you pledge to help sponsor this event? If you cannot, we will want your help!

Please reply directly to me at:


Thank you.

Mark A. Shank, LOC Chair

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