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August 29th 2011

Women's Jump Record moves UP!
Waco, Texas - August 13, 2011

Congratulations to Elaine Heller (USA) on increasing her own Women's Jump Record to 21.3 Meters.

The record jump was performed in round 2 of the USA National Championships held at the site of the upcoming 2012 World Championships - Barefoot Ski Ranch in Waco, Texas.

The score at the tournament was 21.2 Meters. The WBC Record Review Committee was able to award an increase of .1 Meters upon further review.

The WBC has received many great reviews of the Barefoot Ski Ranch following the USA Nationals. In almost exacly one year the Worlds Best Barefoot Skiers will all be on the water there in Waco, Texas for what is expected to be the best World Championships ever.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Richard Gray
Chairman, World Barefoot Council

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