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July 20th 2012

World Championships Seed Scores - Deadline July 30, 2012
The elimination round of the World Championships will be seeded by using Rankings List and RC tournament results from the 12 month period ending July 30, 2012 (as per rule 307)

Only Scores that have been submitted to the WBC and are included in the Tournament Results Database will be valid for seeding purposes.

All valid tournament results can be viewed and searched by Skier Name and Tournament Name at:

Deadline for achieving a score - July 39, 2012

Deadline for Tournament Organizer to submit results - August 5, 2012

Deadline for any queries regarding scores - August 10, 2012

Information regarding the 2012 World Barefoot Championships can be found at

See Y'all in Texas!

Richard Gray
Chairman - World Barefoot Council

Last Updated: July 20th 2012

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