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February 12th 2013

2014 World Barefoot Championships go Down Under!
The IWWF World Barefoot Council is pleased to announce the 2014 World Barefoot Waterski Championships have been awarded and confirmed.

Dates: March 10 - 16, 2014

Host: The Mulwala Water Ski Club, in partnership with the Victorian Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation's Barefoot Division and the Australian Barefoot Club

Venue: Max Kirwan Ski Lakes

The Mulwala Waterski Club and Max Kirwan Lakes were host to the 2004 Open World Barefoot Championships and are presently hosting the 2012 World Junior Waterski Championships. The two purpose built lakes have been host to many other National Waterski, Wakeboard and Barefoot events and will provide the competitors with World Record conditions.

More information will be provided by the LOC over the next few weeks.

Richard Gray
Chairman, World Barefoot Council

Last Updated: February 12th 2013

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