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April 14th 2013

2014 World Championships Call for Officials & Volunteers !
The 2014 World Barefoot Championships will take place less than a year from now from March 10 - March 16, 2013 in Mulwala Australia.

Are you interested in having a position as an official or volunteer at the 2014 World Championships?

Please let us know ASAP and we will pass your information on to the appropriate person.

We require not only Appointed Officials but also Reserves. Being a reserve is a great way to get some World Championships experience if you are unsure of taking on a full role.

There will be many volunteers needed to fill various roles also.

** Appointed officials will be required to be in Mulwala, Australia From the evening of March 8th thru the conclusion of the tournament on March 16th. Accommodations, meals and transport to and from the tournament site will be provided by the LOC for all Appointed officials for their stay in Mulwala. Airport pick ups and drop offs will be provided to and from the Albury Regional Airport.

Last Updated: April 14th 2013

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