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November 11th 2013

Calling for Award Nominations - Time to thank our Builders!
Hi All,

Please put on your thinking caps with regards to awards to be presented at this year’s world tournament. Are there people in your confederation that should be added to the honours board and are not there or are there nominations for the outstanding service awards? Below I have included the criteria for both awards and the form which must be completed for the Outstanding Service Awards is on the web site under the Awards Link. These must be back to me complete by December 1, 2013 so as they can then be voted on and the awards prepared.

Outstanding Service Award

This award is given whenever a qualified candidate has been recognized by the WBC as having significantly contributed to the sport of Barefoot waterskiing for at least 20 years at the International level.

The recipient of the award is someone who has distinguished himself/herself above and beyond all other individuals in serving the sport. (It is not given merely for time served.)

Where a candidate provides an exceptional contribution to the sport over a period of not less than 10 years at International level, such service in rare circumstances, may be considered for recognition of the award.

Nominations for this award are to be presented on the Nomination form available on the web site. Additional information is greatly appreciated.

Honours Board

An individual is eligible for nomination for Honorary WBC Membership upon retirement from the WBC after having served in any of the following capacities on the Council:

10 years as a voting member.

7 years as a voting member, which include 3 years as chairperson of a committee/s.

7 years as a voting member, which include one full term as WBC Chairman.

Nominations for this position are to be presented in the form of resume outlining the capacities and the time period the nominee undertook the listed positions. The Honor Board was created in September 2006 and an initial group of six members were voted in prior to the criteria based on their dedication to the WBC in the past.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Claire Willard
WBC Chair - Awards Committee

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