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December 19th 2013

Officials Program addition - Practice Quizzes!!
December 18, 2013

Just in time for the holidays!

Our WBC Officials Program now has practice quizzes available to "Cram" for the exam. These quizzes can be taken anytime just like all the others, however there is no required numbr of questions to take. They have been designed to get the users familiar to the quiz format, types of questions and are a great way to study up on the rules.

Take one question, Ten questions, 25 (like a formal quiz) or more! Think of them as on-line flash cards.

The practice quizzes can be found at the same location as all other quizzes.

We welcome feedback on this new tool that has been created to help our officials and skiers master the rules.

Happy Holidays!

Richard Gray
Chairman - World Barefoot Council

Last Updated: December 19th 2013

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