Ashley M Stebbeings 
About this Official
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  Name: Ashley M Stebbeings Nickname: [NA]  
  Hails From: Eton, Queensland Australia    
  What got you into officiating?
My children were competing and they needed officials.
  Why do you continue to officiate?
I like the challenge and we need level 1 judges in our region. I try to get others to join the judging ranks but a lot don't seem interested.
  Who has inspired you in this sport?
My daughter Ashleigh and son Chris.
  What skiers have you enjoyed watching and why?
I like watching all skiers. from first timers to the best in the sport. Juniors are good to watch there progress as they improve and beat their.................. PB's
  What other activities do you participate in?
  List your key appointments at Major Tournaments
Boat Judge at 2009, 2010 World Championships.
Boat Judge at 2006, 2008, 2010 AA Championships

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